Adult Coloring Books

placeholder-pnwAdult coloring books are the newest craze, and have been around for ages. They can be used to reduce stress and anxiety or just to help you relax and play with colors. No special skills required, just grab a coloring book, a set of pencils, and start filling in to your hearts desire. Just you, your pencils, and an image or mandala, or any line based art that screams out for color!

What separates an ‘adult coloring book’ from a ‘childrens’ coloring book? Well, mainly the images! While you might find that adults tend to migrate to more complex designs or illustrations to color in, we find the right image will allow adult OR child to jump right in and enjoy! It really depends on what you like to look at, and how comfortable you are filling in spaces.

Let’s face it – most people don’t need to learn how to color – it comes naturally. And the right coloring book for you can be taken anywhere you go-on the train, bus, plane or ferry!

Maybe it’s before you go to sleep, or just before the kids come home from school, anytime is the right time to loosen up, relax, and find your happy place through a coloring book. And if your kids like it too – so be it!