Retailers & Resellers – Createspace Direct Details

We are thrilled to have a select group of retailers interested in selling the Pacific Northwest Coloring Book. If you would like to signup as a reseller on the Createspace Direct website, and pull up our title, the directions below should help. Check here for other ways of getting our coloring book for resale.

You can use discount code: RS9CCKEW at checkout once in the Createspace Direct program,  and get an extra 10% off, on all of your createspace direct reseller orders (which are already priced at a discount  to list, and no tax for approved resellers).

Createspace is a company owned by Amazon (yes, that Amazon), and can ship directly to you once they approve you as an actual reseller.

Book resellers may apply for a CreateSpace Direct wholesale account by visiting the link below.

Please follow these steps to begin creating your account.

1. Complete all fields in the on-line form. Those marked with an asterisk are required fields
2. Download and complete the Resale Verification Form
3. Gather a copy of your Reseller Certificate or Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate
4. Fax or e-mail a copy of your Reseller Certificate and completed Resale Verification Form to CreateSpace. If faxing, send to (206) 922-5928 Attn:CreateSpace Direct Reseller Program. If e-mailing, send to with subject line Attn: CreateSpace Direct Reseller Program

Please be sure to include your Account ID number on all forms.

Below are the eligibility requirements for the CreateSpace Direct program:

1. You or your business must be a licensed business and provide an active reseller certification.
2. Titles must be enrolled in the CreateSpace Direct channel within Expanded Distribution (ED) to be eligible for wholesale prices. Each member is responsible for enrolling their own titles in this channel.

Retail orders for books not enrolled in the CreateSpace Direct channel will be subject to sales tax.

After submitting your information, they will validate your qualifications for access to CreateSpace Direct’s wholesale pricing and notify you of your status within two business days.

If there are questions, or you are unsure of how to order through Createspace, or your regular supplier, just let us know. We are happy to help figure out how to get our coloring books to the customers you would like to serve. Send us an email, and we’ll see how we can help!

Email us at, and please let us know in the subject it is regarding resellers.

The Pacific Northwest Coloring Book
Publication Date: Oct 17 2015
ISBN/EAN13: 0692555498 / 9780692555491
Page Count: 90