About coloring

Colored Pencils - The Pacific Northwest Coloring BookMost colored pencils work well on a number of paper types, and seem to hold up best when traveling. And of course they come in colors we love – which certainly is a factor in choosing your pencils.

We know some folks like markers, and what we suggest is find a piece of paper or cardboard – like the big side of a cereal box, and slip that behind a page – to catch the marker if it goes through the paper.

We will be recommending some types of pencils in the weeks to come, but of course experimenting on your own will determine what’s right for you.

A coloring book is needed too! We like ones that provide a variety of illustrations, but there are also some with complex intricate designs as well.

Something to consider maybe format as well – if these works of art are destined for frames, you might want them big enough to enjoy on the wall, or turn them into greeting card!